How Do I Upload My List to InstantData?

Learn how to use our drag-and-drop uploader and how to import from an ESP.

1. Upload your email list to begin processing your file on InstantData.

Computer: Drag and drop a list from your computer. We accept CSV or tab delimited text files. We are unable to process Excel worksheets, such as XLXS or XLS. Directions on converting from XLS to CSV are here.

Import from your email service provider: You can also import from your email service provider (ESP), such as Mail Chimp. Connecting with an ESP will allow you to access additional reporting tools for free. However, InstantData currently does not export results to an ESP. The results of the services you select must be downloaded and re-uploaded into your ESP after processing. More details on the process are available here.

Add File

2. Select Your Services

Choose the services you need: Email Intelligence, Email Validation or both. You will not be prompted to purchase your results until after you see your results overview.

Email Intelligence will return a match report, detailing the number of emails matched to over 100 different data fields.

Email Validation will return a results overview that describes the deliverability status of the emails on your list.

Upload Data

3. Get the Data You Need

After your list has finished processing, your dashboard will be populated with summary reports for Email Validation and Email Intelligence. Under Email Validation, you can view an overview of valid and invalid emails. Under Email Intelligence, you can view match rates by field.

Using the checkmarks, select only the services and fields you need, add them to your cart and purchase with a credit card. New users can also download 100 free test results.

Select Your Fields

Please note there is a $50 order minimum per file.