What is Identity Matching?

Identity Matching helps you connect customer IDs with Email Append, Postal Append and Website Visitor Identification.

TowerData’s Identity Matching services fills in the gaps in your data and enables you to connect with your customers in every channel. TowerData can connect consumer email, mobile, web and postal data to create a consistent, delightful multichannel experience.

Identity Matching includes:

  • Email Append: Add email addresses to a consumer or B2B postal list
  • Postal Append: Add postal addresses to a consumer email list.
  • Website Visitor Identification: Identify up to 20% of unknown users on your website and pair them with a known identifier. Contact TowerData for more information.

Identity Matching helps you:

  • Track behavior across devices: Pair mobile IDs and hashed emails
  • Know anonymous web browsers: Matched known users with a known identifier or demographic information
  • Unlock new channels: Reach customers via email, postal, mobile and social
  • Link your database: Improve attribution and create a single customer view.